Andreas Schaerer, Stimme, Bern (Bobby McFerrin)
Helen Gillet Cello, New Orleans, / Belgien
Justin Peake, Drums / Elektronik, New Orleans / New York
Mahmoud Chouki, Gitarre, New Orleans / Morocco


The Monster Groove is an annual concert happening that turns music into a personal and immersive group experience. Under the direction of the musician Simon Berz, over fifty percussionists, musicians, internationally established artists and dancers will be playing the African Bèmbé rhythm in a large circle for an hour. The audience virtually closes the «musical rhythm», is close to the action and is encouraged to participate.

The Monster Groove integrates different people, cultures, traditions, old and young, not only through music and dancing together, but also through shared social exchange – it is cooked and celebrated together to give a face to the unknown and to create identities.

June 30, 2019 Chollerhalle Zug

15:00 – Concert

16:00 – Open House und Grill

Admission: free (voluntary contributions will be welcome to cover the costs)

Whole families, alumni, interested „newcomers“ are invited to participate.

Please register at:


Wednesday, May 8, 2019 BADABUM Atelier 6pm to 8pm (free pracice time with Simon Berz and Celestin Enzler)
Wednesday June 19 2019 BADABUM Atelier 6pm to 8pm (free pracice time with Simon Berz and Celestin Enzler)
Wednesday June 26 2019 BADABUM Atelier 6 pm to 8 pm (free pracice time with Simon Berz and Celestin Enzler)

Saturday June 29 rehearsal Chollerhalle 3pm to 7pm (Participation in the Monster Groove rehearsal is expected)

Concert: Sunday, June 30, 2019 3 pm Chollerhalle Zug (Get in Musicians 13.30)

One world under one groove

Monster Groovemusic students from Zug meet international musical guests and make some noise!

Simon Berz, drummer and experimental sound artist, plays all around the world. He tours the U.S.A. as well as Japan, Senegal, Russia, Chnina and Turkey.

19 years ago Berz founded Badabum, a music school in his hometown Zug. Children from four years onwards are teached here in instruments and creativity. The kids have different backgrounds. Some are local, some are refugees, some struggle with a handicap. But music is all inclusive, says Berz.

Proof of believe, Berz gathers the threads of his life once a year for the Monster Groove: outstanding solo artists he has worked with step in the ring with Badabum’s kids and get united in the groove. This year’s roster features artists from Japan, Syria, New Orleans and Zurich.

Could this be intimidating?  Not for Badabum’s pupils. They are used to playing big events such as performances for the Swiss National Exhibition, the traditional « Sechseläuten » in Zurich or for Knie, Switzerland’s number one circus.

What can you expect?  Be prepared for an irresistible invitation to dance. After the concert you’ll have the opportunity to mingle with the artists, enjoy some food and party into the evening.


Simon Berz

Simon Berz tourt als transdisziplinärer Künstler und Musiker in New Orleans, den Vereinigten Staaten, Russland, Cuba, Senegal, Türkei, China, Japan und Island. Die gesammelten Erfahrungen in diesen Ländern machen die verbindende Funktion der Musik in der Gesellschaft offenbar. Insbesondere die langen Aufenthalte in New Orleans zeigen Simon Berz die identitätsstiftende Kraft und die integrierende Funktion des Musizierens. Diese Kraft zelebriert er mit dem Monster Groove durch Musik, Tanz, Performance und gemeinsamen Essen.

Badabum Atelier

Verein und Musikschule «Badabum Atelier» stehen für einen pädagogisch fundierten, zeitgemässen und schülerorientierten Musikunterricht. Gemeinsames Musizieren und Erfahrungsaustausch unter Musikern und Laien stehen im Zentrum. Es geht um den Groove und nicht um die Technik, und doch schliesst das eine das andere nicht aus. Spielfreude, Technik und Notenlesen werden lustvoll miteinander verbunden. Eine inspirierende Atmosphäre in einer professionell eingerichteten Musikschule lädt ein, seine Musik zu finden.